Projects ongoing

  • Ongoing from Feb-19: Cable Route Study and Consultancy Services for BLUEMED (INFINITY) submarine telecommunication cable project. Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea. Client: TELECOM ITALIA SPARKLE.
  • Ongoing from Feb-17: Provision and Management of Software Engineers and Trenching Technicians for several offshore projects. Client: SAIPEM SPA.
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  • Nov-19-May 20: Supervision of the installation and protection works carried out by NEXANS for the MAME (Mallorca-Menorca) submarine power cable project. Mediterranean Sea, Balearic Islands, Spain. Client: RED ELÉCTRICA DE ESPAÑA.


  • Apr 18 – May 20. Consulting service for the feasibility and engineering studies relevant to the new configuration of the existing submarine telecommunication cable due to the new installation of pipe and platform on its proximity. East Mediterranean Sea. Client: TAMARES TELECOM.
  • Sept. 19. Supervision of the warranty survey carried out by ASSO.SUBSEA on LAVRION-St. GEORGE submarine power cable project. Greece, Aegean Sea. Client: TERNA-ENERGY.
  • 2016-2018. Consultancy service for EuroAsia Interconnector Project, a submarine power cable connecting Israel-Cyprus-Crete-Greece. Client EUROASIA.
  • Burial Assessment Studies for Submarine Power Cable Projects. Client: CONFIDENTIAL.

Full Reference List can be downloaded here. Last Update: August 2020